iMatics, based in Chennai, is a medium sized vertically integrated manufacturer of industrial automation equipments and Special Purpose Machines (SPM). We provide customized manufacturing automation on turnkey basis to various industries since 2015.



We pride ourselves in our unique ability in Special Purpose Machine manufacturing with Design, Electronic Controls, Mechanical, Pneumatic, Hydraulic, Material handling and Process engineering solutions, allowing us to deliver your solution seamlessly under One roof.

This allows us to deliver the best value to your company through efficiencies in both cost and time management. With lot of successfully completed projects in our portfolio, we provide an unprecedented breadth of expertise.

Our Mission

We provide the finest Automation solution utilizing diverse resources, best available technology, and highly qualified personnel with a dedication to customer satisfaction.

Our Vision

To provide superior cost effective solutions that enhance customer success through leading edge automation technology. To generate ideas and provide niche services to customers through mutually profitable growth.

More About

Multi-Disciplined Approach

iMatics | Multi-Disciplined Machinery

We have the skill set and resources to take on projects of any size, for any industry. We also have the flexibility and customer-focus to adapt to changing timelines and project scope.

Whether you require complete custom automation or a single service, we have the scale and resources to meet your needs – your way. Our team is cross-trained in multiple disciplines. This allows us to execute projects of every size and complexity. That helps to keep your project on track, even when timelines, project parameters and other factors may change.

Customised automation

iMatics | Customised Automation

We partner with our customers, on an ongoing basis, to provide innovative solutions to a broad range of unique challenges. Our experienced team of designers and machine builders apply proven approaches to design and manufacturing to ensure that the final solution is conceptually sound and meets your requirements.

Assembly Machines

iMatics | Assembly Machines

iMatics has produced many customised assembly machines. Our machine platforms include rotary index tables, linear indexing, Pneumatic actuators, Servo systems, walking beam, pallet systems, continuous motion and robotic cells. Recent projects include Pressure switch assembly, Relay assembly, Medical device assembly, ceramic fuse assembly, labelling and many more.

Inspection Machines

iMatics | Inspection Machines

iMatics has extensive experience in implementing inspection and testing systems. Often, an inspection and testing system requires Electronic and mechanical functionality. This may include a part positioning system and a part reject system, PLC/HMI, Optical sensing, Vision systems, etc. We have the capability to provide a complete system that includes both mechanical and electrical needs. Read more

  • Label and date verification
  • Product size, shape and quality
  • Package integrity
  • Dimensional accuracy
  • Product count confirmation
  • Air flow and pressure parameters, leakage
  • Component presence/absence
  • Presence/absence of features


  • Automotive sub assemblies systems
  • Consumer product assembly systems
  • Electrical component assembly systems
  • Industrial product assembly systems
  • Pharmaceutical device assembly systems

Key technologies

iMatics | Key technologies
  • Servo actuation
  • Pneumatics
  • Vibratory feeders
  • Robotic Pick & Place
  • Adhesive dispensing
  • UV curing / Heat curing
  • Label printing and application
  • Machine vision

Industries Served & Technologies

iMatics has worked with customers in virtually every industry and has developed advanced technology.

Every industry has its unique challenge, but there is no industry that we cannot provide the answer for. Automation is key in today’s fast changing production environments. Companies need one simple answer that is the solution to demanding challenges. We are positive with ways to make your Industry work smarter, faster, safer and more efficiently than ever before.

It’s important to note that many of our customers believe the improvements we’ve made to their operations give them a competitive advantage. Therefore, iMatics keeps their projects and specifications highly confidential.

  • Electrical Product Assembly
  • Automotive
  • Consumer Products
  • Ceramic Tile industry
  • Manufacturing Automation
  • Medical/Pharmaceutical
  • Process Automation
  • Pneumatics
  • Mechanisms
  • Automated Machinery
  • Drive Systems
  • Motion - Servo
  • Robotics
  • Vision